How to style your Sugar Sand dresses for cooler weather.

Deborah Mistry

Perhaps you can’t wait till your next holiday somewhere hot to wear your new Sugar Sand dress? Or perhaps you have gone away, but the weather has proved disappointing? Below I have listed my tips on how to choose the perfect cover up so that you can wear these beautiful pieces indoors even in winter.  

Avoid white wool with the white styles as it tends to look dirty next to white cotton...

Oh how I wish this wasn’t true! I have so much white knitwear that I would love to be able to throw over my white cotton dresses but the problem is the white knitwear is never pure white, it’s always off white, which next to pristine white cotton tends to look dirty even if it’s brand new!

But white and cream wool works fine with the Lalibela dress as that is ivory... 

Try picking out the same colour as the trim.

Matching your coverups to the trim draws attention to these most beautiful features of the dresses. Below you can see the Delphi paired with a gold cardigan and the pink Hampi set paired with a peach vintage bed jacket.

Choose something that is quite fitted.

With the exception of the Hampi set, none of my styles are fitted at the waist which makes  them very comfortable for hot weather. Two layers of slightly loose fitting clothing though can begin to look frumpy so I would recommend pairing them with more fitted knitwear. Below you can see the white Ile de Re dress paired with a little mint green cardigan 

Avoid shawls with the long styles.

Shawls can look lovely with the short dresses but with the long ones in can look like you are a swamped in fabric. A jacket or cardigan gives a neater look.

Try pulling the whole look together with a matching headband. Again this draws attention to the beautiful trims and makes the whole look more cohesive. Below you can see the white Cefalu dress paired with a matching headband and the peach vintage bed jacket again. 

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