Perfect pastels: An interview with Emily from MooRoo swim.

Deborah Mistry

Every so often you come across a new brand’s instagram page and you just think ‘I want to step into this world’. Swimwear start-up, MooRoo Swim, based in Southern California, and run by  British expat, Emily Egerton, is definitely one such brand. Their world is all made of soft pastels, from the colours of their timeless and flattering swimsuits, to the powdery soft sands and blue skies of the gorgeous beaches they are worn on…

Whilst suffering from deep brand and lifestyle envy (not helped by the grimness of British winter!) I decided to reach out to Emily and find out a bit more about the origins of the brand and how she came to be living in in Laguna Beach…

What was your inspiration to start the brand?

My children! We spend a lot of our lives in swimwear living in Southern California and I’ve become quite the collector over the years. It’s always been a dream of mine to design and own my own swimwear brand but it’s a notoriously difficult industry to break into & there’s already a huge amount of other incredible brands out there.

I’m funding this venture 100% by myself and I knew I didn’t want to and couldn’t afford to become ‘Just another swim brand’, with little to differentiate us from others. My girls and I LOVE to match our outfits and there seemed to be a huge gap in the market when it came to finding great quality & gorgeous swim pieces that work for both women & children and last for longer than just an Instagram photo. This is where I saw an opportunity to design and create high quality, sustainable swimwear that will last seasons and also give you the ability to compliment your swim style with your littles.

Emily, founder of MooRoo swim in matching swimwear with her daughter.

What makes the perfect swimsuit?

I think this a subjective question depending on the wearer. It’s a beautiful thing that we all come in different shapes & sizes, but because of this we lean towards a variety of different styles that make us feel confident and happy. Whether it’s a bikini or one-piece, feeling supported & comfortable in all the right places and finding swimwear that’s made with high quality fabric is absolutely key. We’ve constructed all of our suits from a luxury Italian recycled ECONYL that offers both an element of compressive support but also a buttery soft feeling throughout.

How did you end up living in southern California and what is the best thing about it?

My love of SoCal (and specifically Orange County) came way back in 2004 after the show The OC came out. I actually had a map on my bedroom wall at age 11 of California with a pin over OC as a goal of where I wanted to live one day.

Years later, I met my husband who travelled the world as a pro tennis player and spent a lot of time out here. I had the opportunity to travel with him & we both fell in love with the area and knew this is where we wanted our future together to be. We got married out here in Dana Point in 2015 and made the big move out when I fell pregnant with our first daughter shortly after.

You can’t beat the weather, the beaches and the lifestyle when it comes to raising children. We’re blessed that we spend most of our days outdoors and on the beach, which is something we wouldn’t be able to do as much in England.

Matching swimwear on the beaches of Laguna, OC

What are your favourite beaches in the world?

There’s some incredible beaches here in Laguna Beach and across all of OC, whilst Kapalua Bay in Maui will always hold a special place in my heart!
Kapalua Bay, Maui
You are a Mum of two girls, do you have any tips for the perfect beach day with children?

Snacks. Anywhere with kids is all about the snacks. We always bring a little shade with us to take breaks from the sun, our favourite sand toys (we have some great eco-friendly ones that we love) and some beach/swim shoes for exploring tide pools. The beach has a magical way of calming and slowing us down from the hustle and bustle of life, so really all you need is to be present and enjoy exploring the beauty of what’s around you.

Any 2022 travel plans?

We’ll actually be heading back to England later this year to visit family, but plan to head to Maui, Florida & Palm Springs before the year is through.
Do you have any plans to expand your brand?

Yes! We are currently about to launch our boys swim shorts and have a women's and girls bikini in development at the moment too. I’d love to get a rash guard one piece for the girls out by Summer, along with boys rash guards and mens swim shorts too!

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