Should you wait to take your honeymoon? Reasons for and against.

Deborah Mistry


Should you take your honeymoon straight after the wedding? White cotton honeymoon two piece dress.

Undoubtably the last couple of years have been incredibly tough on both engaged couples and the entire wedding industry, with Covid rules causing some people having had to postpone their wedding as many as four times. So it feels like a luxury to be even able to start asking this question again: should you take your honeymoon straight after the wedding, or wait? Here are some pros & cons of both:

The traditional honeymoon:

Straight after the wedding you are riding high on the excitement of it all, and you want to stay in that fairy-tale bubble. After all, brides spend years dreaming of their weddings, and to come through the other side, and be back at your desk a few days later must feel like quite a come down. Isn’t it better to start your married life with a week or more of making new precious holiday memories? Yes, you could have your honeymoon later, but then is it really your honeymoon if you have already been married a while?! Or is it just an expensive and luxurious holiday? 

Another thing to remember is that organising a wedding is absolutely exhausting! It’s magical, and fun, but it can also be incredibly stressful and you probably need some proper down time afterwards. On the other hand, planning and packing for a holiday can also be a bit stressful and so if you can, I would allow a whole day between your wedding and leaving. I wasn’t able to do this: we had our wedding on a Saturday, had another seventy people over for a lunch party the next day and then left that party before it was finished, for the airport. This meant that I had technically packed everything a few days before the wedding, when I left my flat for my parents house, but I kept needing things from my suitcase and it all got a bit muddled! 

The postponed honeymoon:

Sometimes when you want to get married doesn’t tally up with when the best time to visit your chosen destination is. During the European summer (a popular time for a wedding), Indian Ocean and Asian resorts are often experiencing the rainy season. Similarly, if you choose a Christmas wedding and you will  find the flight prices to tropical destinations are at their highest, perhaps not what you want after all the money you have spent on the wedding.  Waiting, and perhaps just taking a ‘mini moon’ staycation for a few days can enable you to go where you really want to go at the optimum time. It also gives you something to look forward to and plan for to help alleviate the post-wedding blues. 

Another advantage of waiting is that you can plan some low-key social events with your guests in the couple of weeks after the wedding, and talk through it all! It’s always interesting to find out how other people experienced the day, and hear any funny stories of things that happened, and catch up on gossip, but if you disappear for a fortnight, you may find that it’s become old news and people are not as interested in talking about it any more! 

What do you think? Will you, or did you wait? Please leave a comment below!

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