Sugar Sand 2022 collection: The Amorgos Dress inspiration.

Deborah Mistry

Continuing with my tradition of naming my designs after my favourite holiday destinations (that have also inspired some aspect of them), I would like to introduce you to the first piece in my new collection, the Amorgos dress! 

As you know by now I adore a Grecian inspired dress and the Delphi, was not only the very first dress I designed for Sugar Sand but also my bestseller. I have written here about how I love a one-shoulder style but for the new collection I was inspired by a different design element that is associated with Grecian style: the wrapped bodice. You can see below some of the reference images that I looked at for for this:

Grecian wrapped bodice inspiration

Grecian wrapped bodice inspiration

Grecian wrapped bodice inspiration

I didn’t want to use an Indian trim for the bodice wrap however, as I felt it would be too heavy and wouldn’t tie well, so have opted for a simple satin ribbon. However, I still wanted to incorporate Indian trims into the design as they are part of my signature style so I opted to put them on the shoulder straps instead as I was inspired by some of these beautifully embellished straps: 

Embellished shoulder strap inspirationEmbellished shoulder strap inspiration

Embellished shoulder strap inspiration


The Amorgos dress will be white but it is going to come in two different options for trims, aqua and gold, and pink. 

White and gold together is already a classical Grecian-inspired combination but I wanted to add a more vivid colour into the mix, and I love pale aqua or ‘Tiffany blue’ which goes beautifully with gold. Here was my colour mood board:

Tiffany blue and gold mood board

It took me ages to find the perfect trim as almost all the blue Indian trims I found were either a royal blue, or a solid, darker aqua. Because the trim I finally found was made of tulle I knew it would look the right shade against white fabric. 

I was also able to get the same trim in pale pink so decided to do another version of the dress.  Pink and white is my all time favourite colour combination and I loved the way the pink trim looked on the white cotton Hampi set. The pink tulle trim for the Amorgos dress is reminiscent of tutus and the way the pink satin ribbons cross at the waist is much like how the ribbons on ballet shoes are tried. Here was my mood board:

Ballet pink ribbons and tulle mood board

The Amorgos dress will be available for pre-order in the Spring. In the meantime, please follow Sugar Sand on Instagram for further reveals!

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