The best pink dresses in films

Deborah Mistry

The post I wrote about my favourite ever white dresses in films has been the most popular on my blog, so now I thought it was time for the pink version, since next to white, I do love a pink dress!


Alicia Vikander’s ball dress in Anna Karenina (2012)

Costume Designer, Jaqueline Durran won an Oscar for this film, and whilst most of the publicity focused on Keira Knightley’s dramatic black and red outfits, it was Alicia Vikander’s character’s Kitty whose outfits appealed to me. Her youth and innocence is highlighted by the dreamiest, frothiest, pastel concoctions…including this amazing pink and white ball dress. 

If you love white trimmed with pink (but a little more casual!) you will love this version of the Hampi Set



Jennifer Grey’s finale dress in Dirty Dancing (1987)

I think this dress might feature in every single list of iconic film dresses ever written…no surprise when it’s such a loved film.  The fact that the dress happens to be the perfect shade of pale pink doesn’t hurt. I must of watched the film hundreds of times of dull weekends at boarding school in the 90s, but it wasn't until I watched it again on Netflix recently, on a much bigger TV than we had in the 4th year common room, that I actually noticed the beautiful beading at the waistline. That's the thing about watching your favourite films over and over again, you keep noticing new things! 



Rose Byrne’s dinner party dress in I Capture the Castle (2003)

After a disastrous attempt to capture the heart of her wealthy neighbour in a home-dyed drab green tea gown, Bryne’s character (who is also called Rose), is told by her step-mother that she must ‘dress like a doll and behave like a lady’ in this homemade pink dress complete with a crinoline. When she enters the neighbour’s grand country house, she really does look like a little doll from another era, but whilst the dress is meant to be comically OTT, I thought it was actually still really pretty. The colour, a very 1930’s peachy pink was also significant I think as the character also later expresses her envy of her future Mother-in-Law’s ‘peach coloured towels’ which seem to represent the height of luxury.


Geraldine Chapman’s Pink coat in Doctor Zvivago (1965)

Ok, so this one isn’t a dress (can I call it a dress coat?!) but I had to include it anyway. I am generally very uninterested by winter fashions (there is a reason I wanted to design resortwear) but when Chapman’s character, Tonya, arrives into the dark, drab Moscow train station from Paris in this insanely glamorous (and impractical) outfit it is an absolute scene stealer. It’s the reason I will always love a pink coat, despite all the dry-cleaning bills!


Charmian Carr’s Gazebo dress in The Sound of Music (1965)

Apparently easily replicated by the multiple Sound of Music obsessives who are also handy with a sewing machine Liezel/Carr’s  dress was a pretty and timeless piece with has an almost Grecian looking bodice gathered with narrow bands. Made from a lovely, light, summery fabric it moved beautifully when she danced around and sang ‘I am sixteen going on seventeen’.

If you would like a chic little pink dress that won't date, you will love the pink Ile de Re dress. 


Emma Watson’s pink party dress in Little Women (2019)

Little Women won this year’s Oscar for Best Costume Design (another win for Jaqueline Durran) and like everything about this adaptation, they felt fresh and relatable to a modern audience. My favourite though was this pink ballgown borrowed from one of Meg/Watson’s wealthier friends. The dress was meant to represent her attempt to fit into a world where she doesn’t really belong, hence her friend Laurie’s criticism of it, but that pale pink satin concoction with the rose hair piece was literally all that my childhood self ever desired….and my tastes haven’t changed much!

For a show-stopping pink princess look that you can still wear to the beach, see the pink Hampi Set


Audrey Hepburn’s bright pink cocktail dress and coat in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

Hepburn’s character, Holly Gollightly is probably regarded as the most stylish film character of all time, even after all these years, so there was no way she was missing out on a place on this list! I am not normally a fan of fuchsia pink (I am strictly a pastels girl) but there is no denying that this Givenchy outfit was a show-stopper and had the type of elegance that no cheaper replicates will ever quite be able to capture. I also loved the fact that it was a whole outfit, not just a dress, and even the diamantine head piece was pink.

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