The Best White Dresses in Films, the sequel!

Deborah Mistry

My first post on this is still the most popular on on my blog after all these years, so I decided it was time to do a sequel. Enjoy, and if you have any other suggestions to add to the list, please let me know!

Millie's white dress for the Venice Carnival, The Wings of the Dove.

Alison Elliott's carnival costume in The Wings of the Dove (1997)

One of my all time favourite films, The Wings of the Dove makes you long to be in Venice, and especially at the Venice carnival where Millie (Alison Elliot) wears this shimmering silvery white brocade dress and an ethereal lace mantilla. The beautiful fabrics and simple draping make her look like a Princess in a fairy tale, but one written for grown-ups, not little girls. 

For a subtle all-white outfit fit for a princess, take a look at The Hampi Set

 Claire Dane's wedding dress in Romeo +Juliet

Claire Dane's Wedding Dress in Romeo+ Juliet (1996)

I already included Juliet’s Angel costume in my first list but I think her wedding dress deserves a place too. It’s probably too understated for a lot of brides to wear to their actual wedding, but who wouldn’t want this in their wardrobe? The simple 1950’s silhouette, the dainty little fabric covered buttons and the way she has styled in with an up-do and matching embroidered white gloves make it look so fresh and elegant. 

For a very different understated white dress you could wear to a registry wedding, take a look at the Lalibela dress

Diane Kruger as Helen of Troy. White and gold dress.

Diane Kruger's white and gold dress in Troy (2004).

I must admit, that I couldn’t actually bear to sit through this film, but I loved some of the costumes that I found on Pinterest, and especially this amazing white and gold Dress and shawl. Considering it has very obviously been made out of Indian saris and Indian and Grecian are my two favourite styles, it’s no surprise that I adore this one! The two fabrics are actually very different but I think they still work together and I love that delicate gold trim!

For a white and gold dress inspired by both ancient Greece and Indian saris, see the Delphi Dress

The Lennox sisters 1970s prom dresses in The Virgin Suicides  

The Lennox Sisters’ prom dresses in The Virgin Suicides (1999).

The audience is told that the girl’s overprotective mother deliberately makes all these dresses a bit too big so as not to accentuate the girl’s figures and the boys are not impressed by the result! Slightly oversized long floral dresses have definitely been a trend the last few years, so these are now probably quite appealing to a modern audience. I don’t like floral prints in general but I do love how these dresses look in this photo. The different faded pastes compliment each other so well and the sheer sleeves and white floral corsages make the overall effect really pretty.

For a long, puffed sleeved dress look out for the Udaipur dress that is coming soon in the new collection!

 Gwyneth Palthrow's green and white skirt set in The Talented Mr Ripley.

Gwyneth Palthrow's green and white skirt set in The Talented Mr Ripley (1999).

I know this isn’t actually a dress, it's an all white outfit, but I wanted to include it as her character was so stylish, and had such an enviable summer wardrobe. I remember at the time the film came out all the magazines did high street edits inspired by her looks.  Personally I wasn’t satisfied with any of these and instead nervously took a green fabric pen to a white dress to try and recreate those zig-zags! The result wasn’t actually that bad, but not a patch on the original which is obviously heavily embellished with braids and lace. I like the fact the blouse is embroidered very differently but they still look right together. 

For a white and mint green look with the same freshness and innocence, see the Ile de Re dress

Kristen Scott-Thomas black and white evening gown in Gosford Park.  

Kristen Scott Thomas's black and white evening gown in Gosford Park.

Kristen Scott Thomas’s white and black evening gown in Gosford Park (2001).

Definitely a 'gown' not a 'dress'! A sumptuous heavy ivory satin with a contrasting black neckline and low back this was so elegant and so very 1930s! The black element stopped it looking too bridal or ingenue-like and it looked extremely expensive. It was perfect for the her character who was both very sophisticated and a bit nasty! 

 If you love an elegant low backed white dress, you will love the Cefalu dress

For more of my favourite film costumes, and inspiration behind my designs, don't forget to follow my Pinterest account! 

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