What to wear to a beach wedding (whether you are the bride, bridesmaid or guest).

Deborah Mistry

I promise it wasn’t my original intention to write a blog post that is a shameless sales pitch. I know that customers are interested in Sugar Sand styles for beach weddings and indeed, I designed the pieces with that market in mind and so originally I wanted to share some tips and ideas for holding the perfect beach wedding. You know, ideas for things like DIY shell wedding favours, message in a bottle place names and also practical tips (don’t wear heels! Don’t choose a cake that melts easily!) However, it feels like there are lots of websites already sharing that type of content and I didn’t really feel like I had any additional wisdom to add to what is already out there. So I am here to tell you why our dresses are perfect for that beach wedding, whether you are going as a guest or whether you are part of the bridal party!


They are made from soft, breathable cotton…Whilst we are suffering from a disappointing British summer, it can actually be hard to remember how hot hot is. You start thinking ‘wouldn’t it just be nice to go out without a cardigan’. Then suddenly you find yourself in 30+ degrees heat and you remember that in those temperatures the only thing bearable to wear is soft, light cotton.

But they are still dressy...It is a wedding after all! You don’t want to just throw on any cotton dress, however tempting. Sugar Sand styles all have a simple elegance and incorporate beautiful sparkly Indian trims which add just the right amount of subtle glamour.

They can be transformed with different types of jewellery (so you can wear them again on the holiday). The pictures above show what a difference the jewellery can make. You can really highlight the Indian trims with some heavy jewellery like the earrings our model wore, and some Indian bangles, or you can pair them with shell jewellery for a much more casual ‘island girl’ look like our influencer Madolyn, did when she took the Delphi to Australia. Pack both and you have two different holiday looks.

They photograph beautifully against a beach background. There is a reason most people pick pastel colours for their beach weddings; it just works in the light.


For brides, the white styles make great ‘2nd event’ dresses. If your wedding involves multiple events, you might need a more low-key dress as well as your wedding dress. Step forward the Lalibela dress, with it’s beautiful white on ivory trim, it has a bridal feel, but unlike your wedding dress, it will be casual enough to wear again. Similarly the, Cefalu dress. Although it's casual, the beautiful pearl drops on the ties and the low back definitely give it bride vibes! 

For bridesmaids you can choose different styles in the same colour way. Thank God the wedding industry finally woke up to the idea that women have different bodies and putting all your bridal party in the same style of dress often just doesn’t work.  Sugar Sand has different styles in the same colour and we can also take custom orders for bridal parties and source different colours and switch the trim between different styles.  If this is something you are interests you, please get in touch, we would love to help with a beach wedding!

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